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25 September 2010

Fuck You, TJ Max, Ross and the rest of those stores

I realize as I start this that I probably watch way too much tv, but what can you do?

Just a little bit ago there was a commercial on tv talking about being a 'fashionista' and discussing how it isn't bad to wear last season's fashions because you get them at this particular store.

First off, fuck off with this fashionista shit. I'm sick and tired of hearing words with "ista" on it. I blame that horrible show with that horse-faced ugly whore Parker. These words should have never made it into normal life. They should have stayed on the show, or in hell, where they belong.

Second, what is people's obsession with wearing shit that retarded designers think is "fashionable?" Have you ever taken the time to look at some photos from a runway? They are hideously horribly put together. Stupid designs with ugly fabric and even uglier models. It's great being able to see the bones popping out the side of her torso because the designer decided that he wants to have a big empty area the size of Australia under her arm, isn't it? So sexy.

I hate people who buy clothes just to keep up with some "trend" or because it's a certain brand. I would rather spend ten dollars on a shirt that was comfortable than 35 on a piece of shit just because it has some idiot's name on it.


  1. True. I really hate this part of our society. It's always been this way and it always will be this way, though. It's human nature. Animals want to look attractive so that someone would want to fuck them, or so that they will be included in a group.

  2. Aye, very true. The people who do it to be included in a certain group have always annoyed me. I wear things, act a certain way, look a certain way, etc because that's what I like and what I prefer to be in life.. not because someone said "hey, you need to wear this Polo shirt to be in our group."