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27 September 2010

Fuck You, Flo

I absolutely hate the Progressive commercials with that ugly bitch Flo in them. Well, all of them suck really but these ones are especially bad.

As a biker, I get pissed every time a certain two commercials come on the air. First one is the ugly bitch discussing motorcycle insurance with a guy then goes "vroom-vroom!" He says, "sounds like you're running a 500" and she replies, "more like a 900 v-twin," with a uppity look on her face. "Well, excuse me..." "you're excused." Ahahahaha! Sooo clever and funny! Fuck you, Flo and fuck you wanna-be rider. This shit isn't funny and if he was a real man he'd have beaten her about the head with his helmet for being an uppity bitch who was back-talking.

The second one is where the ugly bitch is on a bike along side another rider and they are obviously in front of a green screen or simulated road. "Whoo! This is why we do this! Freedom! The open road!" NO you son of a bitch, you are inside a goddamn studio on a fake bike on a fake road. You aren't a fucking biker and probably don't know how to ride a real motorcycle. There is some more back and forth between the two fucktards then they get off (shock!) revealing they were riding fake motorcycles in front of a screen.

Ugly Flo asks the other douchebag if she has bugs in her teeth and he replies, "No, you're good." Another bit that is supposed to be hilarious that comes across as retarded. Bitch, you were on a fucking fake ride, of course there are no bugs in your teeth. There is, however, ugly in your teeth and face but you can't pick that out.

Yes, I realize it's the writer's fault but I can still complain about the stupid bitch Flo and the rest of the retards hired to help sell the insurance. Why? It's my goddamn blog.

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