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27 September 2010

Fuck You, retarded drivers

I know I'm not the only one that is sick and tired of all the stupid jackasses driving around out there without a clue in the world. The ones that cut across two lanes of traffic to do the sudden right or left turn, the ones that wait to the last second then remember they need to get off the freeway so they cut you off and go over the gore, the idiots who don't even look when changing lanes.

Then you get the pricks who drive lifted trucks and act like they own the road. News flash, dick, just because you jack up your truck by 2 feet doesn't mean you're more important than the rest of us. In fact, you're probably a small-prick having douchebag who thinks that a big truck impresses women. Guess what, it doesn't. Well, except for maybe hookers and girls with the IQ equivalent to that of a rock.

Old people should not be allowed to drive, period. I firmly believe when you reach a certain age you should have any and all cars you own taken away and unless you have a motorcycle endorsement, you should lose your license as well. It's horrible around here with all the old people living in their rock-lawn-filled town. You've got nimrods riding around on golf carts holding up traffic, old farts going 15 under the speed limit because they can't see over the steering wheel any longer since they've shrunk down like a gay man's dick in a strip club. The goddamn blinker needs to be turned off after you change lanes or turn you old bastard! I can't tell if you're going to cut in front of me (slowly, of course) or continue going 50 down the highway while everyone else is at least at 65.

What's next? Oh yeah, people who slow down whenever there is a cop around. Listen, idiot, the police are not going to pull you over for going the goddamn speed limit. "Sir, you were going 45 in a 45. I'm going to give you a ticket." Are you that fucking dumb? I'm pretty sure they have better things to do, like eat donuts, instead of pulling over your piece of shit car because you're going 3 over. Well, unless you're Mexican or black. I'm pretty sure they aren't going to come chasing after you on the highway when they've already pulled some other schmuck over either. That is unless you decide to go by at 100 and scream at them.

Green means GET YOUR FUCKING ASS MOVING. I hate people who sit for an eternity before they realize they can start to go. Pay attention, prick. If you notice that people around you are moving then maybe you can start to fucking go. I don't mean go 10 mph either. I mean accelerate to the goddamn speed limit or get the fuck out of my way so I can actually get to where I'm going without having your slow ass in front of me. These people tend to be the same jackasses that go at least five under the speed limit and give you looks when you go by.

Someone who cuts me off then gets pissed when I flip them off or honk my horn really make me mad. You're the dumbass who just cut in front of me, almost hit me because you didn't look before merging, didn't yield and somehow didn't notice my fucking car going 45 down the road, or merged in front of me going slow as a snail. It's not my fault you suck at life and driving. If you want to go through a day without receiving the bird or hearing a lovely car horn, stop being a stupid asshat.

That's all for now. I'm sure there are more retarded people and situations out there.. but I'm out of them for now. Anyone else have pet-peeves about drivers around them?

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  1. Totally fucking agree.

    I know where I'm going, even if you people don't. Please get the fuck out of my way. Some of use are trying to live our lives.