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12 October 2010

Fuck You, Intolerant Bastards and Hypocrites

Been a little bit since my last post. Been busy thinking of shit that pisses me off. Got a few topics now but this one just came to me while watching CSI: NY a few minutes days ago. Before I start, I know what some of you are thinking. "But Mick, you're intolerant and wouldn't that make you technically hypocritical?" Shut up, Meg.

This episode was about Sanguinarians who have a haven in New York City and one of its members was killed by her boyfriend who "tried to save her from those people." In the episode, the cast makes comments along the line of "I don't know what's going on with people these days. When did it get to drinking blood? What ever happened to stickball and manhunt?" When the medical examiner (creepy old guy) first told Mac (Gary Sinise, playing a vet who isn't an alcoholic cripple asshole (note to Tony, I'm not an alcoholic, dick, that's the difference)) first suggests that the girl may have been part of a "cult" they both react as if the people involved were all imitating a mix of Bundy, Gein and Gacy or some shit.These people are simply living a lifestyle that includes parts of old and new concepts of vampires. How is that so odd?

Vampires go back to prehistoric times. Granted, they weren't called vampires back then but the concept was roughly the same. The belief in these creatures, etc, is older than this crackpot religion that most of the cast probably adheres to. Yes, I know they are just characters but it pisses me off when the writers do shit like this. People have to be "nuts" to follow a vampire lifestyle, to think they're vampires, etc. No "sane" person could think like that. Aren't these the same people who believe that eating a shitty-tasting wafer of thin bread and drinking wine isn't actually eating shitty bread and wine but instead is the flesh and blood of some long-dead crackhead "messiah?" So it's perfectly sane to think wine and bread turns into flesh and blood but to drink actual blood, or just cut and let blood, etc, is insane and something to be mocked, eh?

It's nuts to believe in yourself and empower yourself through rituals and a relationship with others in a group but if you believe in some spooky all-powerful incompetent father figure you're right as rain. The fuck kind of logic is that? Right, right, I'm being intolerant now by mocking what I believe is a completely stupid fucking religion. I'll call it payback for all the times I've had people look at me odd or lecture me about "sacrificing children" whenever they learn that I'm a LeVayan Satanist. Hey, idiot, try reading a book sometime instead of listening to the retarded preachers on tv or at the pulpit. Just because my beliefs are different doesn't mean that I'm inherently evil (which I am), they're automatically wrong (they're right, you're not), or that I'm in some cult (guess how Christianity started...).

I just get pissed whenever any show, movie, jackass with a microphone makes comments about the religions and beliefs that aren't considered mainstream and "okay." One thing I always wonder is why is Christianity, Islam or other religions that exist now considered religions and not mythology like the old Roman, Greek, Norse, Celtic and other beliefs? Is it because there are still people who blindly follow the books so full of inconsistencies and bad bedtime reading  and immoral lessons but no one still believes that Zeus throws a lightning bolt at your ass? Who are they to say the Romans weren't right and now the gods are just chilling on some cloud up a mountain watching us all act like idiots?

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